Ecuador Flag colors symbolism
    Ecuador Flag Colors meaning

    Yellow represents sunshine, crops, fertile soil and mineral wealth
    Blue stands for the sky, sea, and rivers
    Red symbolizes the blood of patriots spilled in the struggle for freedom and justice
    Ecuador flag symbolism
    Ecuador flag
    Ecuador Flag meaning
    The Coat of Arms on the national flag of Ecuador consists of an oval shield with Mount Chimborazo with the river Guayas originating from its base. They both symbolize the beauty and wealth of the respective regions (Sierra or Costa). Guayas, the first riverine steamship built on the South American west coast, is on the river. Instead of a mast, the ship features a Caduceus representing trade and economy. At the top of the shield is Inti, the Incan sun god, in form of a golden sun surrounded by the astronomical signs for Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer representing the months March to July to symbolize the duration of the March Revolution of 1845. The condor on top of the shield stretches his wings to symbolize power, greatness and strength of Ecuador. The shield is flanked by four flags of Ecuador. The laurel on the left represents the victories of the republic. The palm leaf on the right side is a symbol of the martyrs of the fight for independence and liberty. The fasces below the shield represents the republican digimerty.
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    Ecuador flag

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